April 28 - The Winter Wonder-Wedding Photo Shoot Stefanie Boldt

- Stefanie

This past November Stefanie & Amy designed and coordinated a photo shoot to feature several of our rental items! We collaborated with some wonderful vendors in the area.

Winter Wonder-Wedding Photo Shoot

Over the past year, we have been approached by several caterers, wedding planners, venues, and photographers to provide various rental items for their own photo shoots. This sparked the idea that why couldn't we design and create our own photo shoot using all of our products, while helping to promote local vendors! In October, Stefanie and Amy started contacting vendors to see if they would be interested in participating, we got so many great vendors to provide their services and help make our vision come together!

Winter Wonder-Wedding Photo Shoot

The mink and fox furs that are being modeled in some of the pictures were actually the inspiration behind the photo shoot. These furs were purchased in 1965 and we wanted them to have another chance in the spotlight! We wanted the shoot to have warm elements, so incorporating the farm tables, the gold deer, and the furs helped to capture the essence of a cold winter wedding being warmed with hues of burgundy & surprisingly the sunshine!

Winter Wonder-Wedding Photo Shoot

A few of the rental items we choose to highlight are the Farm Tables, they added that warm element with the exposed rich walnut wood! We added our Double Gold China and Abby Flatware to bring in subtle hints of gold to accent off of the dark wood table. The White metal arch gave us a beautiful backdrop for the mock ceremony , and the Black Onyx candelabras brought a dramatic look and some height the to farm tables make the table more eye catching and adding some dimension.

Winter Wonder-Wedding Photo Shoot

Thank you to all of the amazing vendors who helped us create this magical winter photo shoot!

THE WEDDING DAY - Tips from a planner-turned-bride

The Wedding Day By Stefanie Boldt

The wedding day is a day that both little girls and big girls dream about their whole life. They want it to be perfect and to go as flawlessly as possible. We dream about our prince charming, the dress, the kiss, and so much more, but most of us do not think about how much work goes into the planning.

I've worked in the event rental business most of my life, and as a result I've been deeply involved in planning weddings for many years. Other people's weddings. But I found I did not really understand the hard work and thought that goes into a wedding until I had to plan my own this last year. And along the way I found some helpful techniques to get brides through the wedding day, and to help make their wedding as perfect as possible.


It is so important to get to know your vendors. Whether it is your caterer, your venue, your florist, or your rental company it is important to build a relationship with all of them. It helps them to understand who "you" are and what your vision is for your Big Day. They are there to help make your wedding day the best day of your life. Do not just talk to them on the phone. Go in and show them your colors and the vision you are looking to achieve. They can help you with questions you may have and they can come up with something better.

I got married this past November and wanted to get married inside a tent facing the water! It was right by Puget Sound and I envisioned walking down the aisle overlooking the water as I said, "I do". As the guest list grew, it turned out that the tent for the ceremony needed to grow as well - so, based on the detailed measurements that came out of the site survey months before and with the advice of the experienced installation team, we decided to orient the tent a bit differently and extend it another 20 feet in length. There would be plenty of space now, and the view would still be there for everybody to enjoy!

Wedding Day Help

The actual day of the wedding will be filled with important activities: getting your hair and make-up done for the big day, trying to get your wedding day jitters under control by drinking mimosas with your bridesmaids, but you will have no part in the actual setup for your big day. So make sure you call your rental company a few days before to go over the details of how you want things done. Make sure you have good friends who will help the rental company set up. And be sure to have a trusted friend or relative who understands the plans well enough to give the installers (who may never have visited your particular venue before) and your helpers any guidance they may need.

Another piece of advice: with your table settings, chairs ties, and linens, visual aids can be a big help. A diagram or a picture of a similar layout will help show everyone exactly what you want for your tables. You also need to trust that if the setup crew feels something minor needs to be changed, just let them do it - they are professionals, and even with all the planning in the world sometimes something just doesn't fit quite as expected. I took pictures and made diagrams to give out to the people setting up so they had something to rely on while setting up. It turns out to be helpful for the set up crew as well as yourself.

Throughout all of my planning I always wanted to have a fully set up table. I wanted all of the plates, glasses, flatware, and napkins set up, so when my guests came in the tables would not be empty. While I was getting my hair done my mom called and said she made an executive decision to not have the dinner plates on the table, so she sent some friends to my rental store to get chargers. It is important to call ahead so they have a heads up, and can get everything ready. It will go much faster once they get there. This is why it is good to have a relationship with your vendors. They can help you in a bind!

Letting Go

I know letting go on the day of the wedding can be hard because you have put months and months of planning and hard work into creating the "perfect" day. If you do not let go you will create a lot more stress than you need to. Just remember that there is only so much planning and preparing that you can do. At some point you need to trust that your vendors, friends, and family have your best interest at heart in helping set up for your wedding. So many vendors, including American Party Place, value the relationship they have with their clients. We want your wedding day to be perfect too! By letting your vendor and your set up crew take away all of the stress from you, it will make your Big Day even better!

The day of my wedding was more special for me because I did not have to worry about the stress of setting up and trying to make it perfect. I just focused on making sure I was ready to walk down the aisle with my Dad to my future husband waiting for me. There will be a few bumps in the road in wedding planning, there always are, but the end result will always be the same: you will be marrying your prince charming!

Originally published in Northwest Wedding Expo - The Magazine
2012 Edition | A Buckles Publication | www.bridesclub.com